“The Giant Puffball” by Edmund Blunden

The Giant Puffball

From what sad star I know not, but I found 
Myself new-born below the coppice rail,
No bigger than the dewdrops and as round,
In a sward, no cattle might assail.

And so I gathered mightiness and grew
With this one dream kindling in me, that I 
Should never cease from conquering light and dew
Till my white splendour touched the trembling sky.

A century of blue and stilly light
Bowed down before me, the dew came again,
The moon my sibyl worshipped through the night,
The sun returned and long abode; but then

[ . . . ]

Edmund Blunden's poem "The Giant Puffball" was published in the 1922 Georgian Poetry anthology. To read it in full in a digitized version of this publication click the following link: