“Eros and Psyche” by Richard Aldington

"Eros and Psyche"

In an old dull yard near Camden Town,

Which echoes with the rattle of cars and 'busses

And freight-trains, puffing steam and smoke and dirt

To the steaming, sooty sky —

There stands an old and grimy statue,

A statue of Psyche and her lover, Eros.


A little nearer Camden Town,

In a square of ugly sordid shops,

Is another statue, facing the Tube,

Staring with a heavy, purposeless glare

At the red and white shining tiles —

A tall stone statue of Cobden.


[ . . . ]


Richard Aldington's poem "Eros and Psyche" was published in the 1916 Some Imagist Poets anthology. To read this poem in full in a digitized version of this publication, follow the link(s) below:


The Modernist Journals Project

Project Gutenberg (text version)