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“Beauty Thou Hast Hurt Me Overmuch” by Richard Aldington
Beauty Thou Hast Hurt Me Overmuch The light is a wound to me. The soft notes Feed upon the wound ...
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“The Rose” by John Cournos
The Rose I remember a day when I stood on the sea shore at Nice, holding a scarlet rose in ...
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“Hermes of the Ways” by H.D.
Hermes of the Ways I The hard sand breaks, And the grains of it Are clear as wine. Far off ...
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“After Ch’u Yuan” by Ezra Pound
"After Ch'u Yuan"  I will get me to the wood Where the gods walked garlanded in wisteria, By the silver-blue ...
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“Argyria” by Richard Aldington
Argyria O you, O you most fair, Swayer of reeds, whisperer Among the flowering rushes, You have hidden your hands ...
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“Postlude” by William Carlos Williams
Postlude Now that I have cooled to you Let there be gold of tarnished masonry, Temples soothed by the sun ...
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“Priapus: Keeper-of-Orchards” by H.D.
Priapus Keeper-of-Orchards I saw the first pear As it fell. The honey-seeking, golden-banded, The yellow swarm Was not more fleet ...
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“Nocturnes” by Skipwith Cannell
Nocturnes I Thy feet, That are like little, silver birds, Thou hast set upon pleasant ways; Therefore I will follow ...
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“Δ’ΩΡΙΑ” by Ezra Pound
Δ'ΩΡΙΑ Be in me as the eternal moods                    of the bleak ...
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“Choricos” by Richard Aldington
Choricos The ancient songsPass deathward mournfully. Cold lips that sing no more, and withered wreaths,Regretful eyes, and drooping breasts and ...
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“In the Little Old Market-Place” by Ford Madox Hueffer
In the Little Old Market-Place (To the Memory of A.V.) It rains, it rains,From gutters and drainsAnd gargoyles and gables:It ...
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“The Return” by Ezra Pound
The Return See, they return; ah, see the tentativeMovements, and the slow feet,The trouble in the pace and the uncertainWavering! ...
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“I” (London, my beautiful,) by F.S. Flint
I London, my beautiful,it is not the sunsetnor the pale green skyshimmering through the curtainof the silver birch,nor the quietness;it ...
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“Scented Leaves from a Chinese Jar” by Allen Upward
Scented Leaves from a Chinese Jar   The Bitter Purple Willows      Meditating on the glory of illustrious lineage ...
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“I Hear an Army” by James Joyce
I Hear an Army I hear an army charging upon the land,And the thunder of horses plunging; foam about theirknees:Arrogant, ...
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Des Imagistes, edited by Ezra Pound, was the first of the imagist anthologies to be published. Its first incarnation was as an issue of The Glebe, the little magazine edited by Alfred Kreymborg and Man Ray and published from September 1913 through November 1914. The Des Imagistes issue appeared in February 1914 (vol. 1, no. 5). The imagists continued to bring out anthologies, but Ezra Pound disassociated himself from the group. 

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