“Sunday in a Certain City Suburb” by Maxwell Bodenheim

Sunday in a Certain City Suburb

Four men whose lives are the beginning of sun-
                                                             silenced afternoons,
And whose orange and red scarfs are the sole flowers
Of the washed-out afternoons,
Sit, shifting dominoes.
The afternoon outside of them dies, as fruit slowly
                                                 pressed between fingers,
But still the four stiff men shift dominoes . . . 
Their wives, wide women with tight, garnished hair,
Sit in the back-yard, whispering tiny secrets and
                                        munching strings of grapes.


[ . . . ]


Maxwell Bodenheim's poem "Sunday in a Certain City Suburb" was published in the 1916 Others anthology. To read the rest of this poem in this publication context visit the following link(s):


HathiTrust - original copy from Harvard University

HathiTrust - original copy from University of Michigan