“At the Door of the House” by Mina Loy

At the Door of the House

A thousand women's eyes

Riveted to the unrealisable

Scatter the wash-stand of the card-teller

Defiled marble of Carrara

On which she spreads

Color-picture maps of destiny

In the comer

Of an incondusive bed-room



Doubly impassioned


You see these three cards

But here is the double Victory

And there is an elderly lady

Ill      in whom you are concerned

This     is the Devil

And these two skeletons

Are mortifications

You       are going to make a journey

[ . . . ]

Mina Loy's poem "At the Door of the House" was published in the 1917 Others anthology. To read this poem in full in a digitized version of this publication, follow the links below: